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Massa Lubrense

Massa Lubrense, a resort situated off the beaten track near the Punta Campanella at the farthest end of the Sorrentine coast, is quite unknown to conventional tourist routes. Incomparable in beauty, Massa Lubrense is the greenest of the six towns of the Sorrentine Coast, hosting a historical garden devoted to Jesus Christ. Along this wide terrritory, made up of 18 suburbs developed around ancient farmhouses, you can enjoy astonishing views of the surrounding landscape. The best of which is from a terrace where you can admire both the view of the Sorrentine Gulf on one side and the Amalfi Gulf on the other. Another one is the view of Punta della Campanella stretching out into the sea, as if it were touching the isle of Capri. The whole area is scattered with sites rich in cultural heritage and traditions. Here a temple of Athena once rose, founded by Ulysses according to a legend, and originally dedicated to the Mermaids.

Punta Campanella was named this way after King Roberto d’Angiò who built a Minerva Tower here in 1335, reconstructed in 1566, with the purpose of protecting the area with the help of a bell from pirate raids. Vescovado square is the heart of the town with a steeped-terrace on the sea from which the Bay of Naples can be admired. On one of its sides the fifteenth century church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the eighteenth Bishop Palace stand out. The square is the starting point of a number of roads and lanes leading to Marina di Lobra and to other suburbs. By going through 13 footpaths winding along lemon orchards and olive, chestnut and oak groves, ancient hamlets may be reached as well as woods of the typical Mediterranean vegetation. Archeological remains may be found along these paths including Saracen towers, with the background of unforegttable panoramas of the sea and the Monti Lattari. In the surrounding sea a marine park has been established as a unique protected area to be visited.

Massa Lubrense, together with Sant’ Agata sui due Golfi and Marina del Cantone are also favourite destinations for food and wine tourism thanks to its world-famous “star-classed” restaurants, such as “Don Alfonso 1890” and “I Quattro Passi” or “La Taverna del Capitano”. Dairy products, olive oil, hazelnuts, tomatoes and other typical products produced in this area are excellent.

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